On Tuesday April 25th there was an industry briefing and executive round-table event at the Center for Innovative Technology Briefing Room located in Herndon Virginia. This event brought together a select group of minority technology company executives, government and NGO partners and NMTC leadership to discuss the need for agreement from our members to engage in NMTC research that brings scale to NMTC groth algorithms.  Research was disclosed and there was agreement to form multiple GSA Schedule CTAs that bring growth both to our members and to the community ecosystems they serve.



The Executive Briefing allowed a select a group active SBA 8A minority tech companies who hold a GSA Schedule 70 an internal view of NMTC’s Governing Operating System (CGOS) built from applied researh.  CGOS’s Vendor Governance Module algorithm designed is to build trust and capacity in the federal, state, local, commercial and international markets.

An announcement was made regarding our nation wide Discover STEM-CTE Conference Series starting in 2018

Also NMTC Chief of Staff Brenda Cureton shared her responsibilities regarding NMTC’s Sr. Fellow program now being rolled out nation wide.

AllianceCTA Executive Roundtable


AllianceCTA Briefing and Executive RoundTable held at the Center for Innovative Technology Briefing Room: April 25, 2017

AllianceCTA Strategy
CGOS-Vendor Governance






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